Mikkel Aaland

"It's All An Adventure"

All my projects, WHICH I ORGANIZE OR DIRECT, are adventures and some become books or videos. I am currently working on three very exciting projects, Perfect Sweat, a seven part documentary series now in post PRODUCTION, Me & Chris Marker, a celebration of the life of the great French artist, and Naked Sweat, a follow-up to my book Sweat.

An on going project is my Indie publishing label Cyberbohemia Press, which has published a few of my books and ebooks as well as an audio book.

My family doesn't like when I call them a project, but they are of the most important project in my life and without them all my other projects are of little significance.

Production of Perfect Sweat started in July  2017 in Helsinki Finland. As of 2021 it is in post-production. Stay up to date here.


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