Mikkel Aaland

"It's All An Adventure"

I created cyberbohemia.com in 1996. I came up with the name as a way to honor my close connection with the Czech Republic, which is also known historically as bohemia, and where I met my wife in 1992.  Besides having a geographical meaning, bohemia is also defined as "A community of persons with artistic or literary tastes who adopt manners and mores conspicuously different from those expected or approved of by the majority of society".  Yep.  That pretty much describes me and my friends.


I have been publishing books for a long time and I treasure the relationships I have had over the years with publishers such as Capra Press, Random House, Sybex, O'Reilly, and Adobe Press. Publishing has evolved and now it is more difficult than ever to find someone willing to finance and produce a book.  I decided to pour the energy I spend trying to find a publisher into being one.  Logically, I named my imprint, Cyberbohemia Press. To date, I have published print books, ebooks, and audio books and I hesitate to use the term "self publish".  Cyberbohemia Press is an Indie Press. I work with a large team of professionals, including designers, editors, and copy editors, just like any traditional publisher.


Having said this, I welcome the opportunity to continue working with main stream publishers, many of whom I respect tremendously. It's not an easy job to do it right!

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