The Tasmania and Iceland Adventures are two of my favorite projects. They combine everything I love, adventure, community, technical exploration, and end up being books that are practical as well as beautiful to look at. Most technical books have a limited shelf life but I like to think these books are evergreen, if not for the technical material, but for the beautiful photographs.


Neither book/adventure could ever have been done without the support of Adobe and O'Reilly Media, my publisher, the photographers who went on the adventures, and several other incredibly supportive people and sponsors. At Adobe there was George Jardine, Jennifer Stern, Frderick V. Johnson, Kevin Connor and Addy Roff, among others.


At O'Reilly there was Steve Weiss, Mark Brokering, Dan Brodnitz, Colleen Wheeler, Derrick Story, and many others. Helping with the Iceland adventure was Brian Sheffield and many others from Iceland. For the Tasmania adventure there was Daryl Hudson and Felicia Mariani and many others from Tasmania. Peter Krogh, a photographer, and the world's expert on digital asset management, was a blessing on both adventures. (My complete thank you list fills an entire page in the books.)


George Jardine wrote the foreword for the Iceland adventure and Leo Laporte wrote the foreword to the Tasmania adventure. The people who helped on these adventures have made my life a lot richer and I am filled with gratitude.


List of all the photographers:


Iceland Adventure


Bill Atkinson

Russell Brown

Angela Drury

Melissa Gaul

Johann Gudbjargarson

Maggie Hallahan

John Isaac

George Jardine

Peter Krogh

John McDermott

Richard Morgenstein

Michael Reichmann

Addy Roff

Sigurgeir Sigurjonsson

Derrick Story

Martin Sundberg

Sonja Thorsdottir

Tasmania Adventure


Masaaki Aihara

Philip Andrews

Marcus Bell

Mark Cokes

Charles Cramer

Bruce Dale

Angela Drury

Peter Eastway

Robert Edwards

Katrin Eismann

Melissa Gaul

Cahterine Hall

B. Winston Hendrickson

Maki Kawakita

Jackie King

Peter Krog

Leo Laporte

Darran Leal

Simone Muller

Jeff Pfueger

Joe Shemesh

Bill Stotzner

Ian Wallace

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