Mikkel Aaland

"It's All An Adventure"

My books and videos can roughly be broken down into two categories: non-technical and technical how-to. My non-technical works include County Fair Portraits, Sweat, The Sword of Heaven, Pilgrimage to Mt. Kailash, and The River in My Backyard. You may not immediately find a common theme but I like to think of myself as a bridge bringing together people and cultures, and the old and the new. The bridge metaphor even extends to my method of communication, combining words and images, making the whole larger than the sum of the parts

My technical how-to works are mostly instructions to the digital age, or as I like to call them, instruction with inspiration. They include my book Digital Photography, published in 1992 by Random House and  the first mass market book on digital photography, as well as Still Images in Multimedia, and many more.

Most of the books, ebooks, and videos are for sale on line or at your local bookstore, although some of the technical books are definitely dated. I know my first book, Sweat, is hard to find but it is now available as an ebook and can also be read online, here.


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